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The pirate bay

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Table of contents:

  1. What Is Pirate Bay?
  2. Define a ‘Pirate’
  3. Is Pirate Bay Safe?
  4. Is The Pirate Bay Legal?
  5. How Much Does It Cost to Use Pirate Bay? Nothing
  6. Benefits of Using a VPN to Browse The Pirate Bay
  7. Which Countries Have Forbidden
  8. Does It Make Any Difference to Access Piratebay with a VPN?
  9. How to Use a VPN to Download Content from Pirate Bay
  10. It’s Very Easy to Find Torrents on Pirate Bay
  11. Why Are There Skulls Next to Some Files of Pirate Bay?
  12. Guide to Downloading Content from thepiratebays
  13. Never Download a File Before You Check Its Status
  14. How to Pick the Best Files on the pirates bay
  15. Uploading Files to The Pirate Bay: A Simple Guide
  16. Benefits and Drawbacks of Piratebay
  17. What Are the Alternatives to The Piratebay?
  18. Can You Access the Pirate Bay on a Mobile Device?
  19. Is It Possible to Access Files When the Original Pirate Bay Is Down?
  20. Is It Legal to Torrent with a Secret IP Address?
  21. What Is a Pirate Bays Mirror Site?
  22. Use Pirate Bay Proxy and Mirror Sites to Access the Pirate Bay
  23. How Often Is the Pirate Bay Unreachable?
  24. What Alternatives Exist to The Pirate Bay?
  25. Programmer Creates Pirate Bay for NTFs
  26. The Pirate Status Code 522 Is Issued by Cloudflare

Last Updated: December 20, 2021, EST

What Is Pirate Bay?

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is a peer-to-peer sharing website with millions of users from all over the world. This website offers millions of torrent files that are free to download. However, you need a BitTorrent protocol to download files from this site. This website was developed in 2003 by three Swedish nationals: Peter Sunder, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm. In 2009, a court found the three developers guilty of aiding the infringement of copyright and jailed them for one year, plus a fine.

It is very easy to download files from piratebay because its content is properly categorized, making it easy for you to find the files you want. The main categories include Movies, TV Shows, Applications, Games, and Music. You can also choose your favorite files from the Top 100 or Recent pages.

Define a ‘Pirate’

According to TPB, anyone using the website is referred to as a pirate, including the registered users who are allowed to upload torrents and magnet links. Over the years, especially after the 2006 raid, the number of people “pirates” using this platform has risen exponentially. Currently, it is estimated to have 5 million active users.

Is Pirate Bay Safe?

Since thepiratebay doesn’t provide its own content or advertisements, its operations are not illegal. It simply serves as a P2P sharing platform. So, if the site is accessible in your country, you can continue to enjoy its content without fear. If your country has banned the main TPB site, you can still enjoy its content through the many reliable proxy and mirror sites available. These are alternative sites that offer the same content as The only difference is the domain name and IP address. One of the most reliable mirror sites is However, you need to choose your pirate proxy sites carefully because some are not completely safe because their content has malware and adware.

You also need to understand that although the main site is safe, not all the files shared on the platform are completely safe. These files are hosted by individual users on their computers. Therefore, they are totally unregulated. So, be careful when opening or sharing content on the site. Here are the most popular and reliable pirate bay proxy sites:


Is The Pirate Bay Legal?

Since piratebay has the largest database of popular TV shows, movies, porn, applications, and other files, many people are reluctant to download anything from it for fear of infringing on copyright laws. But the truth is that this is a peer-to-peer sharing platform, which is completely legal. Therefore, you won’t be sued for sharing or downloading files from the pirate bays.

However, you should always check the copyright status of each file on the site before you share or download it, even if it’s free. Avoid files that have international copyright protection. Otherwise, you can easily be prosecuted for sharing or downloading them. But you are free to share or download any file that is in the public domain.

You are also free to share or download from TPB anything you have created or have ownership right to. As an individual user of the site, it is your responsibility to determine the legality of the content you wish to share or download. Since its inception in 2003, the pirates bay has faced many legal battles with some content creators even suing the site’s developers for copyright infringement. Many governments have also censored the site in their countries.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Pirate Bay? Nothing

It costs nothing to share or download content on pirates bay. You won’t be charged any membership fee. The site is just a P2P platform that offers free content.

The site relies on donations offered by well-wishers to remain operational. These donations come in the form of cryptocurrency and aren’t mandatory. So, you can still use the site even without donating anything.

But it’s good to donate something once in a while to help the site live on. It’s the coolest thing to do. The only cost you might incur when using thepiratebays is to install a virtual private network (VPN). This program will keep you anonymous whenever you are using the site by hiding your IP address. With a hidden IP address, it will be virtually impossible for your internet service provider and authorities to monitor your activities on the internet.

Since the pirate bay doesn’t offer files of its own, it’s unable to check the quality of each file uploaded to the site by individual users. Therefore, it’s possible for you to share or download illegal content.

And because it’s not easy to know which files infringe on copyright and privacy laws before you download them, you can only protect yourself against lawsuits by installing a VPN. A VPN also enables you to access the pirate bay if it’s been banned in your country. So, although it’s not mandatory to have a VPN, you shouldn’t open any torrenting site without it.

Benefits of Using a VPN to Browse The Pirate Bay

A virtual private network allows you to access Piratebay on public networks in disguise. It also makes it difficult for your internet service provider to monitor your online activities by concealing your IP address and locality. Why should you hide your online activities?

It is important to hide your identity when accessing thepiratebay because internet service providers are supposed to share information about their clients with the authorities for security purposes. Furthermore, they are free to do this without your knowledge, whether you are doing something unlawful or not. That’s why it is critically important to have a VPN.

Which Countries Have Forbidden

The original pirate bay site has been the main target for censorship by governments around the world because it is alleged to infringe on copyright laws. Some of the countries that have blocked the site include Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Australia, China, Denmark, Austria, India, France, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Sweden, UAE, Norway, among others.

Thankfully, you can still access and download your favorite content from the pirate bay even if you reside in any of these countries thanks to VPNs. But remember that the developers of pirate bay cannot be held responsible for any copyrighted content shared on the platform because all content comes from its users.

Does It Make Any Difference to Access Piratebay with a VPN?

Since the pirate bay offers hundreds of thousands of free and downloadable torrent files every day, it is very hard for the site owners to check the quality of every file. This means that you could innocently share or download copyrighted content, which can land you into trouble with the law if your ISP shares this information with the authorities.

The Pirate Bay does not encourage its users to share copyrighted content. After all, it doesn’t offer any content. All files shared on the site are stored in the devices of individual users. So, TPB is not liable for any illegal content shared by its users. Therefore, you are responsible for your own safety when using the site. Luckily, you can use a VPN to avoid prosecution.

How to Use a VPN to Download Content from Pirate Bay

To freely and safely download a file from thepiratebays, you need to have a VPN. This is a simple guide to downloading torrents from Pirate Bay using a VPN.

  1. Get a VPN–Download and install any of the popular VPNs. You can either choose the free ones or the more advanced ones that charge a small subscription fee. The most popular VPNs include NordVPN, HotSpot Shield, ExpressVPN, Tunnelbear, and many more.
  2. Open the VPN–Once the VPN is fully installed, open it to access the user interface. You will be required to choose your preferred country before you proceed. The best countries to consider are the United States, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.
  3. Connect your VPN–Hit the connect button to activate your VPN. Sometimes it will refuse to connect to the country you’ve selected. When this happens, just choose another country.
  4. Start downloading files–Once the VPN has connected, you can open Pirate Bay and start downloading files. But never start the download process before the VPN is connected.
  5. Disconnect the VPN–When you are done downloading files from the site, disconnect the VPN because you won’t need it to play the games or watch the videos you’ve downloaded.

That is the safest and quickest way to download files from TPB. Enjoy!

It’s Very Easy to Find Torrents on Pirate Bay

With its elaborate categories, thepiratebay has made it pretty easy for you to find your favorite torrents. The main categories include Games, Music, Audio, TV Shows, Movies, Applications, and Videos. These categories are further divided into several subcategories for a more refined search. With these categories, you can find your favorite files with a single click of a button.

The Applications categories contain all kinds of programs, including operating systems for computers like Windows, Mac, UNIX, iOS among others. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the pre-defined categories, you can click on the Recent Torrents button to browse the recently uploaded torrents. The pirates bay also features a Top 100 page where you will find all the most popular files. This page holds files that have been downloaded for the last 48 hours.

Why Are There Skulls Next to Some Files of Pirate Bay?

Since childhood, people in different parts of the world have been made to believe that skulls are a sign of death. But on the pirate bay, the skull sign has a positive meaning. Any user with this sign next to their files is a respected user. The sign shows that the user has been using the website responsibly for a long time, and they have earned the confidence of other users and site managers.

Since pirates use the skull sign as their trademark, the website developers saw it fit to adopt the same sign for their most trusted users. That’s why the people who use this site are referred to as pirates. This sign is the easiest way to know which users share clean content that is free of malware. Also, this sign comes in two main colors: pink and green.

The pink sign means the user is reliable, and their content is of high quality. It also means they have used the site long enough to gain everyone’s trust. The green sign, on the other hand, means that the person has been using the website maturely for a long time. It also means that the person has special privileges.

Users with moderator and admin tabs on the pirate bay have volunteered to manage the website free of charge. Lack of the skull sign in a user’s profile means that the user is fairly new to the site. Although the new users may not have any clandestine motive, you should be careful when downloading their content because they pose a higher risk than users with the skull sign.

Guide to Downloading Content from thepiratebays

If you don’t know how to download files from the pirate bay, here is a simple guide for you.

Step 1 - Finding the Right Files

Type in the search bar of your search engine and click search. Give it a few seconds to load the page fully. There are two simple ways to find files on the site:

  1. Use the search bar on the first page of Piratebay. Just type the title of the file you need in the search bar and click search.
  2. Go to the individual category and find the file you need.

Each option will give you a huge catalog of files that are related to what you are searching for. Once you’ve found the file you need, click on Get this Torrent to start downloading. Also, you have to choose where the downloaded file will be stored. The strength of your internet connection will determine how fast the file downloads.

Step 2–Use Torrent Client

A torrent client helps you to download complete torrent files. Many torrent clients are readily available for free on the internet. Here are some of the popular ones.

Step 3–Run Your Torrent Client

Once you have installed your torrent client, just double-click on the torrent file or drag-and-drop it into the client’s interface.

IMPORTANT: The system will automatically choose the Downloads folder or OS partition as the default storage location for the file, but you can change it to your preferred location when the download process begins.

It is also important to note that the speed at which the file downloads depends on your bandwidth, the size of the file, and the number of seeders and leechers available. The more seeders and fewer leechers a file has, the faster it downloads.

Never Download a File Before You Check Its Status

Since the files shared on piratebay come from individual users, it’s important to check if they are copyrighted before you download them. Remember, you are responsible for your safety whenever you are using the site. It is also important to understand that many internet service providers will intentionally upload copyrighted content to track copyright violators.

Also, some files on TPB contain malware or viruses that will infect your computer, internet router, and network. Fortunately, it’s now easy to know the status of a file on the pirate bay before you download it. The site uses a 3-tier, color-based mechanism to help you know the status of each file. Pink indicates Trusted while Green indicates VIP users.

How to Pick the Best Files on the pirates bay

When you search for a file of thepiratebays, you will be provided with a long list of files that have the specific title you searched for. The list can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking for the best file. But don’t sweat it. There are several easy ways to pick the best file from the long list. For example, you can choose the file with the highest number of seeders and fewer lechers. Just check the right side of the list to see the two columns labeled SE and LE.

Seeders are the people who already have the file on their PC and are willing to share it with other users in their networks, while leechers are the people trying to download the file. The higher the number of seeders, the faster the download speed. Therefore, if you want to download a large file within a short time, choose the one with more seeders and fewer leechers.

For example, if you download a 100GB file from 400 seeders and 50 leechers, you will get it in a matter of minutes as compared to downloading the same file from 100 seeders and 100 leechers. The latter file will take hours to download.

If you have been using pirate bay for some time, you must have discovered that some identical files might have different sizes. This variation is caused by the varying quality. A good example is YouTube videos. Although they have the same length, their qualities range between 1080p and 360p. Each quality produces a different file size. Sometimes the difference in file size is determined by the type and format of the file. Different video formats will produce diverse file sizes. This also happens when downloading applications.

Sometimes a 300MB application will have a 1GB size when downloaded because it comes with additional tools, extensions, or patches. Therefore, if you want to download the right file, you have to go through the comments under the comments section to know what other users think about the file. That way, you will know if the file contains additional tools or malicious programs before you download it.

Uploading Files to The Pirate Bay: A Simple Guide

  1. Open the site
  2. Log in or register for an account
  3. Click on the Upload button
  4. Choose the file you want to upload
  5. Choose a name, category, tags, and write a description
  6. Choose whether you want to upload the file anonymously or using your username
  7. Upload your file and let it remain on your PC to allow as many people as possible to download it

Since the process of uploading content to piratebay is so simple, cybercriminals have been uploading malicious content with malware under the guise of popular movies, TV shows, applications, and music videos. So, you need to be extra careful when downloading files from the site. To avoid these malicious files, choose only the content from verified users.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Piratebay

Benefits: 1. Honor Code

On peer-to-peer sharing platforms like the pirate bay, there is an unspoken code of conduct that controls how people interact. Therefore, the moment you open the site with the intention of downloading or sharing content, you automatically become part of the community and you are expected to abide by this code. For instance, you should not immediately delete the files you download from your device. Instead, you should keep them for as long as possible to allow other users to download them from you. This is important because a balanced percentage of seeders and leechers helps to improve the experience of using TPB. You are also supposed to occasionally contribute fresh content.

2. Resume Downloads

In the past, it was not easy to download files from peer-to-peer platforms, especially large files, due to poor internet speed. It was also impossible to resume the download process after a power outage or internet failure. However, the download process on the pirate bay has improved significantly, allowing you to pause and restart the process whenever you want.

3. Simple Search Process

It is now very easy to find files on the website because it has a search bar where you can just type the title of the file you are looking for and hit the search button. You can also open the respective category to find the specific file. Each option delivers results within seconds.

4. Better Seeding Process

Previously, you could only download a file from one source. But now you can seed one file from several sources. This speeds up the download process even when your internet connection is weak.

5. Easy Accessibility

The piratebay remains one of the most accessible P2P sites thanks to the many pirate bay proxy sites and mirrors available. Therefore, if the main TPB site has been banned in your country, you can still access its content through proxy and mirror sites. You can also use a VPN to access the main site and its proxies without exposing your personal information.

6. Free Content

All the content found on thepiratebay is 100 percent free. It is also free to download files and register accounts.

Drawbacks 1. Sensitive Content

The pirate bay doesn’t have the ability to check the quality of every file shared on its platform. Therefore, it is very easy to find sensitive or illegal content on the site. Also, some files being shared on the platform contain malicious malware that can easily damage your computer. Although this doesn’t happen all the time, always make sure the content you want to download is safe.

2. Content that is Difficult to Download

Some torrent files on this website are protected with advanced patent protocols that make it difficult for you to share or download them. And even when you download them, they are completely useless unless you have additional tools such as CD-key or Keygen codes to unencrypt them. Luckily, some pirate bay users are quick to find solutions to such problems.

3. Slow Internet

Most torrent clients are known to consume too much bandwidth. Unfortunately, you have to use a torrent client to download complete files from the pirates bay or piratebay proxy. This can slow your internet down. The only way to avoid this is to regulate bandwidth for the torrent client.

4. Exposing Private Information

When you open thepiratebays or any other P2P sharing platform, you put yourself at the risk of exposing your personal information like IP address to strangers. To avoid this, you have to use a virtual private network (VPN). Thankfully, there are free VPNs that you can use.

5. No Way to Check the Quality of Files

It is impossible to know the quality of a file before downloading it. Although some Pirate Bay users leave comments on the files they download, some comments are not completely reliable. Some malicious users just want to damage other people’s reputations by giving false information. So, you have to read as many comments as possible from other users.

What Are the Alternatives to The Piratebay?

Since its inception in 2003, the pirate bay has grown to become the most popular torrent site in the world. Its popularity is largely associated with its consistency and reliability. It is also very user-friendly. Unfortunately, its popularity has made it the main target for censorship by authorities around the world. It is also becoming very difficult to unblock the website in some countries. This has led to the emergence of many alternative torrent websites.

Kickass Torrents

This torrent site offers downloadable torrents such as movies, applications, TV shows, games, and many others. It can be accessed from any corner of the globe. If it has been blocked in your country, you can access it using a VPN. It also comes in different domains that can be used in different places around the world.


This site is ideal for users who love to stream TV shows. It offers many features including the release dates, anonymity checker, among others. It is also very easy to use.


This torrent site offers many great TV shows, Movies, and Games. However, it has many pop-up ads. But you can use an ad blocker to avoid the pop-ups.


This site is one of the easiest torrent websites to use. Its simple layout and search bar allows you to find the files you want easily. It also features a BitTorrent system with tons of great content.


This site is a dedication to Kickass Torrents and one of the latest P2P sharing platforms. Its database is estimated to have over twelve million torrent files. It also has a user-friendly layout.

Can You Access the Pirate Bay on a Mobile Device?

In the past, it was not easy to access on a mobile device. Also, there didn’t exist torrent clients for mobile devices and the website’s catalog wasn’t well organized. Actually, the developers of Pirate Bay admitted that they didn’t like the site’s mobile experience.

But in 2014, the website’s mobile users grew significantly, forcing its developers to make it more mobile-friendly. Nonetheless, iOS users have to jailbreak their mobile devices to be able to enjoy all TPB services. But this is not the case for Android users because they just need to download their favorite torrent clients from the Google Play Store.

Blackberry users also have an easy time accessing the piratebay. The site also uses RSS feeds that make it possible for mobile users to access its content. With RSS feeds, you can personalize your experience on the site and download content remotely using a mobile device.

Every month, more than 75,000 new torrent files are uploaded to the pirate bay site. This makes it the supreme source of free torrent files. Furthermore, you can enjoy this content on your mobile device irrespective of its operating system.

Is It Possible to Access Files When the Original Pirate Bay Is Down?

Even if the original pirate bay site is temporarily down, you can still access its content through the various proxy and mirror sites available. Furthermore, these alternative sites offer the same download process as the original site. So, you will follow the same download steps you use on thepiratebay.

Although these alternative sites feel and look similar to the original site, some are not very safe. So, be careful when downloading files from pirate bay proxy and mirror sites. Read comments and reviews by other users before you download a file from these sites.

If the alternative sites don’t work for you, just install a virtual private network (VPN). This program helps you to access the pirate bay anonymously by hiding your location and IP address. That way, it’s impossible for your internet service provider to monitor your online activities. Furthermore, it will allocate you a different IP address based in a country where the site has not been prohibited. That way, you can continue to enjoy free content without interruptions or fear of prosecution.

Using a VPN, you can share and download torrents from the pirate bay freely without the fear of prosecution. This program prevents your ISP from monitoring your online activities. Without it, your ISP can see the sites you open and the files you download. This is risky because ISPs are required to share this information with the authorities and content creators without your knowledge.

So, you can easily be prosecuted if you share or download copyrighted content. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know which files are illegal on thepiratebays se or any other related site. But since a VPN prevents your ISP from tracking your movements on the internet, you are protected against prosecution that may arise from sharing or downloading illegal content.

Additionally, a VPN protects your private info when browsing the pirates bay site by making you anonymous. Although VPNs are legal, it is completely illegal to use them to share or download protected content. Therefore, you should only use a VPN to hide your identity online and sharing or downloading content that is not copyrighted. Otherwise, if you share anything that is protected by copyright, you are putting yourself at the risk of prosecution.

What Is a Pirate Bays Mirror Site?

Basically, piratebays mirror sites are replicas of the original TPB site. Normally, website owners create mirror sites to offset traffic on the main site and improve its accessibility speed. However, pirate bay mirror sites are not owned by the developers of the original site. They are created by individual developers who are not affiliated with the original pirate bay site.

If you thought piratebay mirror sites are different from piratebay proxy sites, the difference is very minute. Actually, the two options offer the same content and work the same. Each of them will allow you to access your preferred torrents on TPB without restrictions. However, although you can still circumvent the restrictions with a VPN or an all-purpose piratebay proxy site, a mirror site will allow you to access the content even when the original site is down.

Use Pirate Bay Proxy and Mirror Sites to Access the Pirate Bay

Even the residents of countries where the original pirates bay site has been banned can still access its content through the various pirate bay proxy and mirror sites available. These sites help you to evade restrictions imposed by the government on the pirate bays. These pirate proxy sites are hosted on different servers in different parts of the world and have different domain names from the original site.

Therefore, if your government has blocked the main pirate bay website, you can still get your favorite files using piratebay proxy and mirror sites. What’s more, you can create your own proxy site. But you have to be careful when using these alternative sites because not all of them are safe. Some of them have adware and malware that can destroy your PC.

How Often Is the Pirate Bay Unreachable?

Sometimes thepiratebay becomes inaccessible in certain regions for several reasons. The duration of inaccessibility depends on where you are located. If the government in your country has imposed restrictions on torrenting websites like pirates bay, you won’t be able to access the site or its content. In some cases, authorities put restrictions on some sections of the site.

Since the internet service providers are allowed by law to restrict access to certain websites, there is nothing you can do to stop your government from blocking the pirate bay or any other torrenting site. Copyright infringement is one of the main reasons why your internet service provider (ISP) might restrict your access to content-sharing websites. So, if you want to access the website without restrictions, you have to use a virtual private network (VPN) or fake your location. However, faking your location will only work for a moment.

Sometimes mirroring the sites can help you to get around the restrictions. Mirror sites duplicate the content available on the original pirate bay site. So, if the main site is inaccessible in your area, you can still access its content through these mirror sites. But you need to understand that some authorities are able. Another reason why piratebay may be unavailable in your area is due to server overload. Like a jam-packed hallway, a URL can become overloaded, causing digital jams.

In such a situation, the only effective solution is to wait for the downtime to end. In most cases, the digital jams resolve themselves naturally. All you need to do is keep trying to access the website until the system is fully restored.

What Alternatives Exist to The Pirate Bay?

Since its development in 2003, the pirates bay has grown to become one of the most trusted and consistent torrent websites in the world. Its popularity is attributed to its simplicity and ease of use. However, its popularity has made it the main target for censorship by authorities. With the advancing technology, authorities are making it harder for torrent lovers to unblock pirate bay in their respective countries. The good news is that there are several alternative websites that you can use to access your favorite content.

Kickass Torrents – this is a popular torrent site that is available across the globe. If it has been banned in your area, you can easily access it through a VPN. This torrent site has many domains that you can use in areas where the main domain is inaccessible. The site allows users to share downloadable files including applications, TV shows, music, movies among others.

EZTV – this is a torrent site that is suitable for streaming TV shows. The site has many amazing features such as a calendar with release dates, anonymity checker, among others. Also, the site is user-friendly and easy to access.

Zoogle – this is a great torrent site with hundreds of thousands of amazing movies, TV shows, and games. Unfortunately, the site has many pop-up ads. But there are numerous ad blockers to help you keep the ads away.

ExtraTorrent – this torrent site features an amazing layout and search bar to help you find the files you want quickly. It also has a huge BitTorrent catalog with loads of content.

IDope – this site is a dedication to Kickass Torrents and one of the newest torrent sites. At the moment, this website has over twelve million files, including movies, music videos, TV shows, among others. It is also very easy to use, thanks to its up-to-date layout.

Programmer Creates Pirate Bay for NTFs

An Australian programmer has uploaded 15 Terabytes of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to a server to help people see what they are buying. Geoffrey Huntley, the programmer, has created The NFT Bay—a torrent site that allows anyone to download 15 terabytes of JPEGs from one source. This website mimics the popular pirate bays – a torrent site that offers free movies, TV shows, applications, games, and other types of entertainment content.

According to Huntley, an NFT is just a hyperlink to an image that is typically hosted on Google Drive or another web 2.0 host. Since web 2.0 web hosts can easily go offline, the images attached to the NFT aren’t stored in the blockchain contract. Also, The NFT Bay carries all of the NFTs to help people make more informed decisions when buying NFTs.

NFTs are digital tokens on a blockchain connected to digital items such as images, artwork, etc. Currently, there is a serious war of words going on between the proponents of NFTs and their critics. For instance, Discord was forced to rethink the company’s decision to incorporate NFTs into its chat service due to the backlash they received from a section of their users.

Huntley says that the idea to create the site was inspired by the idea to educate people on the need to think twice before buying NFTs. He also said that he considers the website an art project.

The Pirate Status Code 522 Is Issued by Cloudflare

Since thepiratebay is accessible to millions of users worldwide, it must rely on a consistent content delivery network (CDN). At the moment, Cloudflare is the site’s main CDN. Its main purpose is to enhance the website’s security, availability, and loading speed.

Since Cloudflare has over 155 data centers worldwide, it makes pirate bay available in almost every part of the world. It also allows the site to withstand traffic spikes because of DDoS attacks. You will get this Cloudflare error alert on the screen of your device whenever the TCP is unable to connect to the web server, particularly if the Cloudflare request to the primary web server, such as Pirate Bay fails to go through.